This is an Andrej Pejic's otherworldly beauty appreciation blog.

Omg, I love ur blog, I love Andrej, and I love the way u answer the questions, in a really funny way, without gettin' angry or anything, I admire Andrej but I admire u the same way, ur so laid-back hugs from México ps I'd like u makin' a poll about the contry the followers live in, idk, it's just an idea


The troll’s questions? I never take those loser(s) messages seriously. FYI There are more silly Qs in my inbox actually - And I answered the published ones out of boredom LOL Well… maybe I’m a laid back person or maybe I’m just lazy haha

I’ve already asked the followers on how they discovered Andrej and the country they were from :) HERE But yea we’ll see about the poll.

You’re so sweet! *HUGS*

Posted on 3 May, 2012

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