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he’s more than just a pretty face [x]

he’s more than just a pretty face [x]

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Posted on 2 February, 2012

I don't understand why feminists are attacking Andrej for looking womanly. To me, he's almost the epitome of feminism because he doesn't want people to see his gender, only his accomplishments. That's what we should strive for, merit based on accomplishment, not gender or race, nor any other defining physical factor.



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Posted on 20 September, 2011

I saw your statement about real women and I respect it. It is true, he may be a real woman. In my feminist opinion, this is NOT the problem. The real problem is that the men like him are the new attractions in fashion, a place were women tried so hard to be as good as men. I know, he is damn beautiful as both sexes but he should push himself to be a bit manly, because he is 10 times more beautiful as a man, but he keeps pissing us on being undecided when is crystal clear that he is a woman.

Hello :)

The statement was actually for the rude feminists who kept using ‘real women have curves’ in order to justify their hatred toward Andrej. In a way, it’s like giving a wrong idea - if you have big boobs and/or big butts, you are the real women. What about the naturally skinny, flat chested women then? I understand that they’re not approving guys like Andrej to do womenswear, but do they have to keep repeating the same mantra? This article still irk me though.

As a woman with curves myself (I’m a bit chubby LOL), who stands at 5’ 3” tall, I know how difficult it is for people like us to be accepted in fashion industry. idk my idea of feminism is equality - men and women to have the same rights in all field of works.

As in fashion, so far it’s the women who rule the catwalks and magazine covers. Male models like Andrej is like a toenail compared to them. Plus, top 10 highest paid supermodels in 2011 are all women :D I don’t see why we should be worried with Andrej and his fellow beautiful androgynous models - but thanks to them the industry becomes more interesting and colourful. Yes they are definitely making impact especially the way we think about gender, but to say they’ve completely turned the fashion against us women kinda unfair. 

Well It’s Andrej’s personal choice on which gender he wants to be. In some of the interviews, Andrej said he didn’t see himself as man or woman - He was being himself. So it would be wrong to push him to be something that he is (really) not. Anyway being beautiful is not exclusively belongs to the females - because beauty is genderless

Sorry for the long reply LOL

THANK YOU, anon for sharing your opinion, I really appreciate and respect it too :) I hope I didn’t offended anyone, just giving my two cents worth of thoughts. 

Have a nice day! x

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Posted on 19 September, 2011

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